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Solutions Architect



Mexico City, Mexico
Posted on Tuesday, February 27, 2024

About Konfío

Konfío is at the forefront of transforming the fintech and banking landscape, leveraging technology to empower businesses with innovative financial solutions. As we embark on significant technological transformations to enhance our capabilities and services, we are seeking an experienced Solutions Architect to lead these initiatives and foster our growth in the fintech sector.

Role Description

The Solutions Architect will play a pivotal role in leading the technological transformation within Konfío, focusing on modularization, migrations, modernizations, and banking regulatory efforts. This role demands a deep understanding of both fintech and banking sectors, with extensive experience in technology migrations and modernizations. The ideal candidate will have a comprehensive grasp of a wide range of technologies, including Web/Mobile Front-ends, Back-ends, Data, Big Data, Cybersecurity, and Cloud solutions. You will be responsible for designing and implementing scalable, resilient architectures that support our ambitious transformation projects, ensuring they align with our strategic goals and deliver optimal performance.


Separate current mono-repo application layers and introduce new solutions which aim higher scalability, security, resiliency and productivity of the team.


Work closely with Cloud, Cybersecurity, Platform and Resilience teams to build architecture transitions to a desired future state in a multi-region and multi-zone model. As well work with Data teams on the migration of database technologies and introduction of new ones. Consolidate an event-based platform for different use cases.


Transform legacy applications to the best fit and AI enabled software development processes on top of Gitlab and AWS Services to a vanguard state.


Detailed design and documentation for bank implementations and integrations with vendor providers in a middleware strategy decoupling strategy, while designing with data teams a comprehensive set of data integrations, ingestions, and reporting for financial and regulatory compliance.

Product, Technology and Data Departments

The Product, Technology and Data Departments are made of software development and operations activities organized as Tribes and Chapters, which contain Product, Cybersecurity, Architecture, Operations, Infrastructure, Engineering, IT and Operations responsibilities. This role will report to the Director of Technology and will work with business Stakeholders, Tribe and Chapter leaders on establishing architectures for initiatives, projects that cross-cut Chapter and Tribe's deliverables and dependencies. The Solutions Architect is the key reference on coaching and mentoring leaders and teams to the desired future state architecture. A successful Solutions Architect will be the person who can have good connections, communication and relationships with key stakeholders and leaders in Konfío, articulating and delivering sophisticated architectures, and enabling outstanding execution and delivery of building blocks, while enabling visual and contextual governance of the architecture and risk. Also experience with the Mexican market, regulatory bodies and culture is a must for this role.

You need to have:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or related field
  • 3+ years of experience as a Solutions Architect, with specific experience in the fintech and banking sectors
  • Proven track record of leading technology migrations and modernizations
  • TOGAF or other relevant architecture certifications
  • Expertise in Web/Mobile Front-end and Back-end technologies, Data, Big Data, Cybersecurity, and Cloud solutions
  • Proficient in Flutter, Vercel, Python, Node.js, SQL/NoSQL databases (Aurora DB, DynamoDB), AWS Cloud services, and modern development tools and practices
  • Familiarity with containerization, microservices architecture, SSO, and passwordless authentication mechanisms
  • Experience with DevOps practices, including Git and CI/CD pipelines
  • Strong leadership and project management skills
  • Excellent problem-solving abilities
  • Effective communication and stakeholder management skills
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment and lead cross-functional teams
  • Experience leading teams through long and complex technology migration and modernization programs, as well bank regulations, and very short duration initiatives as well
  • Experience on improving productivity, while enabling quality and security, as well as managing these KPIs
  • Excellent data analysis and reporting skills
  • Strong problem-solving, negotiation, and communication skills
  • Strategic mindset with close attention to short-term and tactical deliverables
  • Great written and verbal communication skills
  • Good Interpersonal skills
  • Knows how to motivate teams through practical challenges
  • Incredible problem solving abilities at organizational, technological and processual levels. Hacks positively to deliver value to customers.
  • Experience with outsource and consulting engagements, and make them feel part of
    our own team.
  • Experience working in an Agile environment
  • Ability to communicate (written & verbal) in English and Spanish

Additionally, it would be nice if you

  • Passionate about the Products and Business side of the applications, services and operations that you are building
  • Experience with Banks or Fintechs building Financial Products and Services, as well Technology type of projects.
  • Experience improving programs and projects execution and predictability
  • Strong change management experience and processes
  • Passionate about delivery and value to customers
  • Ability to feel successful in making others succeed and grow

You'll do:

As a Solutions Architect at Konfío, your day-to-day activities will span across the development of new complex projects, operational management of architecture, conducting product reviews, and managing the technology stack to ensure our solutions are scalable, reliable, and secure. Here's a closer look at your primary responsibilities: