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Product Designer



Product, Design
Berlin, PA, USA
Posted on Thursday, October 7, 2021

About the Design team

Trust is key

For us as a Design team, the Trust of our users is the key criterion that measures all our efforts. We want to work with good listeners and strong understanders to truly serve our audience by creating a financial service that has an impact on peoples day to day life.

Trust in excellence

Being picky with our team and reassure that we create world-class collaboration helps us to trust each other, don’t spend time on hierarchies, and leave our egos at the door.

No Art directors, no producers. But designers

We believe in high quality, well elaborated, and handmade design. That is why we try to bring highly talented artists and designers directly into our team instead of working with agencies and producers. We want your signature on every piece that leaves our office. And we value open and proactive action rather than high-level discussions and overflowing meetings.

What we're looking for

Klar’s product designer will be responsible for translating a progressive technological infrastructure and a complex financial product into a delightful digital experience to an emerging market audience. **

This includes…

  • Learning about the financial sector challenges in LATAM countries,
  • understanding how technology can create critical value in this field,
  • and exploring how design can create the most valuable outcome for the people of Mexico.

In this role, you will work with…

almost every department across the company. The most important stakeholders will be product and frontend. But we also define user interactions with our support center or even encounters in our office as part of our product journey, where design is challenged to make a difference.

The biggest project for this role in 2020 will be…

Understanding user needs and value of a credit product in a low-income sector and creating a valuable product that endures financial health and a long-term relationship between Klar and our Users.


Technical (hard skills)

  1. Fluent in Figma
  2. Basic Level Experience in Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, Framer
  3. Understanding of processes and tools in a tech Company

Non-technical (soft skills)

  1. Proactive working posture
  2. Collaborative work processes and techniques
  3. At the cutting edge of developments within the Product and design space
  4. Ability to pick up skills, trends, and tools fast (Flutter, Webflow, SwiftUI)
  5. Teamwork

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